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Letter to Renault Group from a very disappointed brazilian costumer


This is a true story that happend to me in a Renault Logan 17/18, with less than 3 years of use, in valid warranty period and after 40.000 km scheduled review had been done. Renault Brazil is ignoring my case, doesn't contact me since the last 7 days, so I'm writting to Renault Group and all the world.

Hi, my name is Eugenio Telles, I'm 32 years old living in Rio de Janeiro and I've just married less than 5 months ago. Me and my wife had ours own cars and we have sold ours to buy a new one. After searching many cars, we've chosen a used 17/18 Renualt Logan Expression Avantage, a top of line with many optionals: alloy wheels, media nav, audio controls at the steering wheel, reverse camera with sensor, rearview eletronic adjustment, rear electric window with controls at the car panel, among other default optionals. We bought the car from an eldery man that had made all scheduled reviews in a Renault dealership. All the reviews - 10.000 km to 40.000 km - were made at the same dealership, at Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. We got happy to know that the car was still in warranty period. We were really enjoying our new car. We've bought the car with about 42.200 km in January 18th 2020.

Last Monday Feb 10th, about 4 p.m., I was driving normally, as I have done in all of the 23 days of use, when I started to hear a lower noise following the engine spin. I've turned off the radio to pay attention to the car sounds while driving. The car panel didn't sign anything. Suddenly the noise was getting higher and when I slowed down the car to get through a speed bump, I've seen smoke coming from the engine. I stopped the car immediately and when the car stopped, I've seen fire burning under the hood. I ran out from my car and became astonished with what was happening. I couldn't believe that a new car, even been used, might caugth fire suddenly. I don't know what could have happened if I haven't realized the problem and kept driving for more time. I used the car for only 23 days. It had only about 43.300 km when it happends.

Thank's God I'm alive to tell this story but I'm completely broken about what have happened, about what we've lost, the material and financial loss and most of all how Renault is dealing with my case. This could be happened with my wife, my mother in law, that was in the car with me few minutes earlier, or even with my nephews that usually travel with us.

Last Tuesday, Feb 11th, I called Renault Brazil and told them what have happened. I sent all documentation, photos and report requested by e-mail. About 30 minutes after sending it, I was quickly answered that my "report caugth their attention because their products/services are developed in a strict quality process" and I would be contacted by phone as soon as possible. I replied the email requesting a deadline for me to be answered but I got nothing.

Since then, I have sent 4 emails without any answer. No call. No email. When I call Renault Brazil to ask about the case, they just say that the case is with the technical area waiting for a response. I asked what could the technical area do if they even didn't get my car on my insurance company parking lot. It is not possible to make any trustworthy technical report just analyzing photos and my personal report. So, when I questioned this, the analyst called Simone simply answer me the default answer: "you have to wait the technical area answer". This shouldn't be a case of default answers. A car has simply burned! I understand that it can be a complex situation, but I expected more respect and humanity with my losses and my worry and faster providences.

During my waiting, we've searched on Google about Logan fires and became surprised with the quantity of cases like mine and we considered very important to bring then here.

Currently we have no position from Renault, no answer, no car. I'm loosing working days to solve many problems occasioned by the fire and it seems as if Renault Brazil don't give a damn to its own consumers. It's unbelievable and unacceptable that a Global Company has a behavior like these. So, I considered very important that the head office take note about that and, maybe, receive a response from company. I hope so. It's not only a question about my case, but the trust of Renault brand in Brazil about fire in it's own cars.

If you are a consumer too and disaproove actions like these from Renault Brazil as I do, please share this post in your social medias. Thank you very much.


I've written this letter yesterday night, Feb 17th, seven days since from the fire. Today morning, Feb 18th, I was reviewing this text before publishing, when Renault Brazil called me at 11:39 a.m. (Brazil time). A engineer will analyze the car on the insurance company parking lot at March 4th. It is still few considering the severity of the case, but I'll be waiting.

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Eugênio Telles

Eugênio Telles